The differences between OEM, compatible and remanufactured cartridges

Evaluating available alternatives is key to making the right choice. In the printing industry, two main product categories are available:
New consumables, categorized into:
  • Genuine manufacturer cartridges (OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer) are original or branded cartridges manufactured by the printer manufacturer or by the licensed partners of the printer manufacturer. These cartridges carry the brand name of the printer manufacturer. Undoubtedly high quality consumables, they are manufactured by using new plastic and materials, and then represent an expensive and less environmentally sustainable option.
  • Compatible cartridges,sometimes passed off as or confused with remanufactured cartridges. Compatible consumables are manufactured by a third-party manufacturer different from the printer manufacturer and are marketed as low-cost alternatives. They are made of extremely low quality compounds and cannot therefore be recycled, creating severe issues related to their disposal. Often manufactured in countries with much lower quality, health and safety standards - both occupational and environmental -than the ones required in Italy, this category doesn’t always include patent-compliant replacement cartridges, hence cases of intellectual property and patent rights infringement abound.
    Reused consumables:
    • Remanufactured cartridges are empty original cartridges following a total regeneration plan that entails cleaning, replacement of worn parts and thorough testing.
    • Cartridges are then refilled with new toner powder and are ready to use once again, marketed with the remanufacturer’s label.
    • Identifying which parts to replace is crucial to guaranteeing optimal performance. Cartridges are carefully inspected and any worn parts are replaced with high quality parts accurately selected by our technicians. Cartridges are then reassembled by a dedicated specialized team in a high quality environment.
    • Plastic waste reduction is central to our strategy, activity and core values: choosing a remanufactured product positively contributes to reducing new plastic production through the reuse of existing plastic.

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