Our manufacturing process

‘We only make what we’re good at making’ is the motto our company lives by, faithfully observing it to a fault. Gruppo Sapi manufacturing process revolves around our extensive knowhow and solid experience in the printing industry, making us a genuine example of reliability.

Experience is not enough unless supported by continuous research and development in addition to quality assurance throughout production. These elements allow us to produce guaranteed and certified products, in compliance with the main environmental labels.

Every choice we make aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility and protection, as demonstrated by our manufacturing plants being rated among the best production sites in Europe. Currently, our potential output consists of 50,000 cartridges per month thanks to 14 technologically advanced production lines.

Franco Ferreri embarked upon this endeavour coining the mantra ‘we only make what we’re good at making’ and staying true to it until today. His experience in the printing industry has shaped up our manufacturing process, characterized by flexibility and reliability and certified to the highest standards through system labels.

Production takes place in-house and is carried out by qualified personnel. Each person involved plays a vital part in the whole process and has in-depth knowledge of our product, adding to the growth of the company on a comprehensive level. An efficient logistics department powered by cutting-edge technology also plays a fundamental role within our supply chain, allowing us to manage orders and shipping, as well as meet customers’ requirements timely and precisely.


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