The benefits of remanufacturing
Consumers often follow a consumer-driven logic and would rather purchase a new product than reuse an item or have it repaired. An awareness of the actual positive consequences of reuse on the environment and our daily life is key to promoting change. Reuse is the most ethical form of consumption with minimum environmental impact. Gruppo Sapi has specialized in the remanufacturing of empty cartridges for almost 30 years, preventing them from becoming waste at the end of their life/use cycle and restoring them to like-new condition instead, through a process of regeneration, resulting in a drastic reduction in emissions of toxic air pollutants. However, our effort alone can only go to a certain extent, as radical change can only happen with the help of consumers and the choice to support the companies that have made the environment and the health of the planet their top priority. In order to evaluate the actual environmental benefits of remanufacturing, a comparative study was carried out by LCA-lab (a company spun off from ENEA) in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, to measure the environmental impacts of Sapi remanufactured cartridges against an original manufacturer cartridge. The global environmental impact-level indicator of Sapi cartridges measures -83.99% compared to original cartridges.

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