Our Vision
Since its inception in 1993, our enterprise has stayed the course of an ambitious goal: pursuing and implementing an alternative model of consumption. We generate value through responsible actions, with the people surrounding us and the environment in mind, creating high quality products that deliver uncompromised performance, yet sold at a lower price than the original products.

Our business takes environmental protection into account, adding value to the territory as a local business based in Italy, and therefore representing an ethical and sustainable alternative in the printing industry.

Only the choices that reflect our values can truly make a difference. This is why we have decided to base production within the country. Our corporate social responsibility involves maintaining production in Italy in order to sustain the ties with the local community, as well as promote and increase economic growth.

Sapi is committed to environmental protection and represents a viable and reliable alternative in the printing industry. Every year, about 35 million inkjet toner cartridges end up in landfills in Italy. Opting for a remanufactured product means making a better choice for the future. ‘Remanufactured’ is no synonym for quality loss, but instead makes for a sustainable and ecological lifestyle choice, that takes into account human health, the animal and plant kingdoms, the environment, the landscape, as well as cultural heritage. Responsible care and the preservation of beauty fall within our duty and responsibility as individuals, and a small yet consistent choice is the first step in ensuring their achievement.

We want to offer our clients convenient and cost-effective products that have a low environmental impact and lower prices, both of which are guaranteed. We also enforce the highest quality standards, as we directly manage each and every aspect of the supply chain.


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